Rebecca Robles

Rebecca first fell in love at the age of 5. It was at a bluegrass festival, and his name was Mario. As soon as it became known that, just like her, Mario was ALSO 5 and ALSO knew the electric slide, Rebecca's mind was made up: they were meant to be and she would promise her whole heart to him. They line-danced for what seemed like a blissful eternity. "Is this Heaven?" asked Rebecca's young brain. *** A few rounds of fancy footwork and one stolen kiss on the cheek later, Mario was whisked away to the parking lot by his family. Never to be seen or heard from again. These days Rebecca is proud to be a performer with Magnet House Team ALL AMERICAN, coached by tour-de-force Kelly Buttermore. Rebecca is also one half of the duo MALBEC with her lovely friend Jamaal Sedayo, coached by the tall and the talented Rick Andrews. She has also studied with Louis Kornfeld, Mark Grenier, Peter McNerney and Alex Marino. Thrilled to be a member of Story Pirates (an arts-in-education organization that performs stories written by kids!), you may have heard her doing voices on their monthly program on The Absolutely Mindy! Show on Sirius XM radio. Her favorite voices include: flustered mom, mischievous young boy, and haggard vaudevillian Alaskan Salmon. Rebecca loves her family back in California so much it hurts. Occasionally they overnight home-made Mexican food to her apartment Queens. They've never seen her formally improvise, but all things in time. Rebecca hopes you're having a great day and doing whatever it is that makes you truly happy.


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