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This is where you'll find sponsor commercials, Channy Award videos, How To's, and all the random stuff we couldn't fit into other categories.

How It Works

  • Anyone, anywhere submits a pilot that is five minutes or less, on a miniDV tape or DVD.
  • The creators of the prime time shows watch all submissions.
  • They pick the best ones to be screened.
  • At the screening, a live audience watches the new pilots and new episodes of the prime time shows.
  • The audience votes. Top 5 shows become the new prime time lineup.
  • Repeat.

Smoking Commercials

The May 2012 screening was sponsored by Smoking.


How-To and Inspiration

Making a show for Channel101 can be a breeze. Watch these videos and get started.


Video Tapes

The March 2012 screening was sponsored by Video Tapes.


Nike Commercials

the first screening of 2012 was sponsored by Nike.


2011 NY #channyawards

The 4th Annual #channyawards were hosted by Shannon Coffey and Rob Michael Hugel and held on December 14, 2011.


Please Silence Your Cellphones and Pagers

The November 2011 screening was sponsored by Please Silence Your Cellphones and Pagers.


Dunkin Donuts

The September screening was sponsored by Dunkin Donuts.


101NY Opening Videos

These are the videos that have started each Channel 102 and 101NY live screening.


The 1996 Olympic Games

The August 2011 screening was sponsored by the 1996 Olympic Games.


Google Docs

The July screening was sponsored by Google Docs!


Kitty Cats

The April 2011 screening was sponsored by Kitty Cats!


Behind the Scenes

Take a look behind the scenes of your favorite 101NY show(s).


Eggo Waffles

The first screening of 2011 was sponsored by the first frozen breakfast food most of us remember.


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