The Rewinder

created by  Aaron Wilson

"The Rewinder's" premise was perfect, and at best, it was a hilarious and action-packed blitzkrieg. At worst, it could appear to be just going through the motions. Perhaps the audience sensed that episode 3 was somewhat more workmanlike than the absolutely inspired episode 1, and decided creator Aaron Wilson deserved a shot at a new idea. Whatever he comes back with, count on this: it'll be great.

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Episode 1

The Rewinder's girlfriend is in trouble.

Screened: 2006-11-06 at Tribeca Cinemas

Votes: 93/125 - 74.40% share; placed 1st of 10

Downloads: 6,211



The Rewinder/Jack MathewsAaron Wilson
Jane/GirlfriendMarisa Croce
Rooftop bad guyReggie Cunningham
Woman with PurseCeleste Walke
LOLJonPaul Riggle
Bullet-time BikerAllen Thayer
SwordsmanMing Thompsen


Aaron WilsonDirector, Writer, Editor
Frank MacaisCinematographer
Drew ProchaskaCinematographer
Sterling WatersCrew
Yumiko TsukadaCrew

Episode 2

The search for LOL continues.

Screened: 2007-01-29 at Tribeca Cinemas

Votes: 133/210 - 63.33% share; placed 2nd of 11

Downloads: 5,697



The Rewinder/Jack MathewsAaron Wilson
LOLJonPaul Riggle
MiloBrian Hersey
RicoKen Madore
JaneMarisa Croce
Woman with PurseCeleste Walke
TV reporterDrew Prochaska
TV copJohn Roberts


Aaron WilsonDirector, Writer, Editor
Drew ProchaskaCinematographer, Digital Effects
JonPaul RiggleCinematographer, Crew
Brad BarwickCrew
Ken MadoreCrew

Episode 3

The Rewinder trains to regain his powers.

Screened: 2007-02-26 at Tribeca Cinemas

Votes: 53/122 - 43.44% share; placed 6th of 10

Downloads: 17,249



Detective RubanowskyJohn Roberts
The Rewinder/Jack MathewsAaron Wilson
GreelyReggie Cunningham


Aaron WilsonDirector, Writer, Editor
Marisa CroceSound
Drew ProchaskaCrew