The Morning After

created by  Tom Kauffman, David Seger

The A-OK production team is nothing if not prolific. They crank out more pilots -- all with impressive production levels, multiple locations and digital effects. In this edition of their creations, a young couple must fight their way past protestors to attain the morning after pill. There's a whole thing with a sperm, too.

Screened: 2006-06-26 at Anthology Film Archives

Votes: 67/146 - 45.89% share; placed 7th of 10

Downloads: 6,144



ChrisTom Kauffman
Head ProtestorAlex Osbourne


Tom KauffmanDirector, Writer, Producer, Editor
David SegerDirector, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor
Ken OchalekCinematographer, Crew
Eric GosickiAnimator
Mike GreinerCrew

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