Movin' Moms

created by  Andre Hyland, Mike L. Mayfield

After charging into prime time last month, the Moms turned up the drama, action and excitment and were greeted with... rejection! It could be the new direction, or maybe just the fickleness that audiences seem to bring to many screenings. These guys are funny.

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Episode 1

The moms avert danger with yogurt.

Screened: 2006-05-22 at Anthology Film Archives

Votes: 132/168 - 78.57% share; placed 4th of 9

Downloads: 7,302



KonnieAndre Hyland
BevMike L. Mayfield
NinjaJoe Whiteley
Blonde GuySeb Botzow
Dark-Haired GirlHilary Fiorito


Andre HylandDirector, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor
Mike L. MayfieldWriter, Cinematographer, Digital Effects
Seb BotzowCinematographer
Sharon AlagnaCinematographer, Crew
Anna Lee LawsonCrew

Episode 2

Konnie and Bev deal with a mystical enemy.

Screened: 2006-06-26 at Anthology Film Archives

Votes: 53/146 - 36.30% share; placed 8th of 10

Downloads: 5,903