Sexual Intercourse American Style

created by  Mitch Magee

"Sexual Intercourse" failed to tie "Gemberling's" record for "longest-running show," but it set another: "longest-running show to never reach #1." And perhaps nothing sums up "SIAS" better than that. It was a niche show, with a core of devoted followers who kept it going for a long time, but it lacked the mass appeal to catapult it into "Shutterbugs" territory. But sometimes, that's what characterizes true art. And "Sexual Intercourse: American Style" is art.

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Episode 1


Screened: 2006-04-24 at Magnet Theater

Votes: 96/148 - 64.86% share; placed 3rd of 8

Downloads: 47,874



Jamey C. ShaferDirector, Cinematographer, Editor
Mitch MageeWriter, Music Composition, Music Vocals
Matthieu CornillonMusic Vocals
Trevor DeclercqMusic Vocals

Episode 2

Whipped cream orgy!

Screened: 2006-05-22 at Anthology Film Archives

Votes: 153/168 - 91.07% share; placed 2nd of 9

Downloads: 23,919



Mitch MageeDirector, Writer
Matthieu CornillonEditor

Episode 3

The baby birds plan a wine tasting/sex party.

Screened: 2006-06-26 at Anthology Film Archives

Votes: 94/146 - 64.38% share; placed 3rd of 10

Downloads: 11,832



Mitch MageeDirector, Writer, Producer
Paul RondeauCinematographer
Aimee LydeEditor
Molly RobertsonCrew
Andy RoccoCrew
Matt DeCosterCrew

Episode 4

A crooked Senator's aide threatens to end the Baby Birds.

Screened: 2006-08-28 at Anthology Film Archives

Votes: 95/159 - 59.75% share; placed 5th of 10

Downloads: 8,703



Mitch MageeDirector, Writer
Paul RondeauCinematographer, Editor, Lighting Director
Maura LoutCrew
Christian PattersonCrew
Matthieu CornillonCrew

Episode 5

The authorities are hot on the baby birds' trail.

Screened: 2006-09-25 at Anthology Film Archives

Votes: 74/88 - 84.09% share; placed 2nd of 8

Downloads: 7,668



Agent Sarah ColmesDyna Moe
Agent Rodney EllisCurtis Gwinn
ClarkWill Hines
FranJulie Klausner


Mitch MageeDirector, Writer
Paul RondeauCinematographer
Bill BuckendorfEditor
Todd BourretCrew

Episode 6

Balloon party.

Screened: 2006-11-06 at Tribeca Cinemas

Votes: 68/125 - 54.40% share; placed 4th of 10

Downloads: 12,513



Mitch MageeDirector, Writer
Bill BuckendorfCinematographer, Editor
Paul RondeauCinematographer
Kaveri NairCrew
Maura LoutCrew

Episode 7

Fran hosts a vindictive pottery-and-lovemaking session... with unintended consequences.

Screened: 2007-01-29 at Tribeca Cinemas

Votes: 65/210 - 30.95% share; placed 9th of 11

Downloads: 9,142



Mitch MageeDirector, Writer
Paul RondeauCinematographer
Bill BuckendorfEditor
Dyna MoeCrew
Matt DeCosterCrew
Christina DixcyCrew