Uncle Jimmy's Fuck Farm

created by  Matt Sloan, Aaron Yonda

Somehow managed to be even funnier than its title... and still lose. Not fair.

Screened: 2005-09-26 at UCBT

Votes: 66/133 - 49.62% share; placed 7th of 11

Downloads: 20,918



Aaron YondaDirector, Writer, Producer, Music Vocals, Editor, Sound Mixer, Digital Effects, Choreographer
Matt SloanWriter
Courtney CollinsMusic Composition, Music Vocals
Andrew YondaMusic Composition
Tona WilliamsCinematographer, Set Decorator, Make-Up, Digital Effects, Crew
Kathy FischerCinematographer
Benson GardnerCinematographer
Kate GardenDigital Effects
Justin SprecherLighting Director, Crew
Erin DornCrew
Aaron CatalanoCrew