The Junior Adventure Squad

Math. Ghosts. Mix em together and you get this new Prime Time powerhouse.

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Episode 1

Mr. Pratchet died in 1983. That means he's been dead for...

Screened: 2014-02-10 at UCBeast

Votes: 70/93 - 75.27% share; placed 2nd of 10

Downloads: 5,080

Episode 2

Junior Adventure Squad ties for fifth place thanks to a beautiful mustache.

Screened: 2014-03-11 at UCBeast

Votes: 51/96 - 53.12% share; placed 5th of 10

Downloads: 4,566

The Junior Adventure Squad 3

No video available

Episode 3

Sadly, the Junior Adventure Squad failed to complete an episode in time for the April screening, thus proving that the true adventure is what happens after cancellation.

Screened: 2014-04-08 at UCBeast

Votes: 0/70 - 0.00% share; placed 11th of 11

Downloads: 4,540