Surveillance Squad

created by  Brian Goetz

It's hard to balance work and TV binge-viewing, but these guys have it figured out. The audience demands the answer: what will the Surveillance Squad do next?

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Episode 1

An ordinary surveillance mission takes a turn for the extraordinary.

Screened: 2013-11-04 at UCBeast

Votes: 57/91 - 62.64% share; placed 5th of 10

Downloads: 5,948



Brian GoetzDirector, Writer, Editor

Episode 2

The quest for free cable continues. I can relate.

Screened: 2014-02-10 at UCBeast

Votes: 44/93 - 47.31% share; placed 5th of 10

Downloads: 4,670

Episode 3

Breaking Bad references weren't enough to keep the Surveillance Squad afloat, as the unlikely fan-favorite gets canceled with its third episode.

Screened: 2014-03-11 at UCBeast

Votes: 21/96 - 21.88% share; placed 9th of 10

Downloads: 4,627