Animal Pick Up Artist

created by  Paul Gale

One man looking for love in the wildest of places.

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Episode 1

Damien Hustle is just a human male trying to pick up some pigeons.

Screened: 2013-05-21 at UCBeast

Votes: 42/52 - 80.77% share; placed 1st of 10

Downloads: 6,642



DamienPaul Gale
CameramanGabe Gonzalez


Paul GaleDirector, Writer, Editor, Digital Effects
Adam LapetinaWriter, Sound
Gabe GonzalezCinematographer

Episode 2

Will Damien Hustle have sex with a dog?

Screened: 2013-07-22 at UCBeast

Votes: 74/106 - 69.81% share; placed 1st of 11

Downloads: 5,849

Animal Pick Up Artist 3

No video available

Episode 3

In which Damien Hustle shows you how to be a fisher of fish.

Screened: 2013-08-19 at UCBeast

Votes: 45/110 - 40.91% share; placed 7th of 9

Downloads: 5,662