TV Time

created by  Micah Phillips

What if TV was really crazy? It might look something like this.

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Episode 1

Lessons about eating right and staying fit from some guy outside the Channel 101 demographic.

Screened: 2013-02-19 at UCBeast

Votes: 71/104 - 68.27% share; placed 2nd of 11

Downloads: 3,146



JackTim Young
Skateboard KidMicah Phillips
Dr. Tyler BarbanSteve Arons


Micah PhillipsWriter, Producer, Editor

TV Time 2

No video available

Episode 2

TV Time self-cancels. Come on, guys!

Screened: 2013-03-20 at UCBeast

Votes: 0/61 - 0.00% share; placed 9th of 9

Downloads: 5,320