Sex and the City for Dudes

You didn't think it could be done, but it turns out that it could be done. And Jarrett Bernstein did it. (And by "it" I mean making a Sex and the City for dudes.)

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Episode 1

The dudes sit down to talk.

Screened: 2012-10-08 at UCBeast

Votes: 49/92 - 53.26% share; placed 5th of 10

Downloads: 6,455

Episode 2

Jarret's attempt to be a good listener didn't work out on his date, or with November's audience. I guess there weren't enough dudes in the seats.

Screened: 2012-11-12 at UCBeast

Votes: 19/55 - 34.55% share; placed 7th of 9

Downloads: 7,111