Lone Cornmeal Machine

Maybe unprecedented in 101ny history, a failed pilot from a previous screening comes right back as a new pilot and slams into prime time. Anyway, it's stop motion animation. Look at it.

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Episode 1

Zoo animals crave freedom, but there's a few things they should know.

Screened: 2011-11-02 at 92YTribeca

Votes: 48/71 - 67.61% share; placed 2nd of 9

Downloads: 7,933

Episode 2

You will learn more about the alphabet in this episode than Alphabeticus, who is probably the Greek god of the alphabet.

Screened: 2012-02-13 at UCBeast

Votes: 74/95 - 77.89% share; placed 2nd of 9

Downloads: 7,497

Episode 3

A ball's journey.

Screened: 2012-03-12 at UCBeast

Votes: 16/56 - 28.57% share; placed 9th of 10

Downloads: 6,491