The Edge of Forever

created by  T R Wilkinson, Venk Modur

A daytime soap that condenses every plot line and interaction from a standard hour long episode of your average soap into five minutes. In other words, the best idea of all time. The audience POO POOS your best idea!

Screened: 2011-07-11 at 92YTribeca

Votes: 32/71 - 45.07% share; placed 7th of 9

Downloads: 6,226



HeleneDiana Kyle
CraneDylan Brody
CJDan Casey
MandyLindsey Gort
HoltDoug Hughs
BumVenk Modur
KendraKim Vasilakis
BrockJordan Engle
GlennAndrew Shaw
Agnes VanderstineHelen Duffy
GuerillaMC Griffin
New BobbyChris Vanderhorst
SniperCarter Caldarelli
Scared WomanDawn Cody
ABC Network AnnouncerRyan Howard
Psychiatrist / Anglomax VOPeter Hunt
Anglomax WomanBarbette Hunt
Split Personality GuyMatt McManus


T R WilkinsonDirector, Writer, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Mixer, Props
Venk ModurProducer
Tom HaighMusic Composition
Carter CaldarelliMusic Composition, Sound
Emily LongCrew