created by  Ben Stadler, Matt Moskovciak

A superhero who is completely unlike DC Comics' copyrighted work Superman in every conceivable way is really, really into wack conspiracy theories.

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Superguy 1

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Episode 1

Superguy must choose between doing superhero stuff and making a big deal out of nonsense conspiracies.

Screened: 2011-06-08 at SketchFest NYC

Votes: 40/54 - 74.07% share; placed 2nd of 10

Downloads: 6,824



SuperguyMike Still
NORAD OfficialWill Hines
AnnouncerBen Rameaka
ReporterRyan Karels


Ben StadlerWriter
Matt MoskovciakWriter
Mack WilliamsAnimator
Doug StoleySound, Sound Mixer
Dave RiveraSound, Sound Mixer

Superguy 2

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Episode 2

Superguy goes for a huge power grab.

Screened: 2011-07-11 at 92YTribeca

Votes: 15/71 - 21.13% share; placed 9th of 9

Downloads: 5,740