Professor Street

created by  Willy Roberts, Mike Manasewitsch

The audience wanted a second episode of "Professor Street"... but the USPS sabotaged it, and the show missed the screening, and was thus cancelled by default. A tale of woe.

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Episode 1

History and rap save a young life.

Screened: 2005-05-30 at UCBT

Votes: 79/137 - 57.66% share; placed 5th of 10

Downloads: 16,834



ViperWilly Roberts
Professor StreetMike Manasewitsch
Viper’s WifeKim Hogue
BillyTodd Mazer
Studio ProducerRyan Elder
Slow Motion RacerEmily Langner
Professors WifeEmily Langner


Willy RobertsDirector, Writer, Music Vocals, Cinematographer, Editor
Mike ManasewitschDirector, Writer, Music Vocals, Cinematographer, Editor
Ryan ElderMusic Composition


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