Saving Love

created by  Andrew Lin

A show that's part '90s rock and part sci-fi, Saving Love became a victim of its own modest success in episode 3, as real life legal entanglements forced a format change that sunk the series in March '11.

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Episode 1

Messing with the timeline, as usual, has unforeseen consequences for the history of grunge music.

Screened: 2010-11-10 at 92YTribeca

Votes: 99/118 - 83.90% share; placed 2nd of 11

Downloads: 10,873



Stephen LevinsonDirector, Writer, Producer
Andrew LinWriter, Producer
Shek BakerWriter
David NaglerMusic Composition, Music Vocals
Chris PrineCinematographer
Judi StrohEditor, Digital Effects
Hannah LevinsonCostume Designer
Chandra NelmsMake-Up
Sean MannionCrew, Crew
Jess MannionCrew

Episode 2

A Nirvana rehearsal proves unbelievably deadly.

Screened: 2011-02-09 at 92YTribeca

Votes: 53/73 - 72.60% share; placed 2nd of 9

Downloads: 9,085

Episode 3

In dire straits, Crispin Glover turns in desperation to his famous friends for help.

Screened: 2011-03-16 at 92YTribeca

Votes: 32/69 - 46.38% share; placed 6th of 10

Downloads: 8,144