I Love The '30s

created by  Nick Kroll, Brian Donovan, Conrad Mulcahy, John Mulaney

This smart parody of VH1 style lasted three episodes before the audience ended it. Hmm... maybe it's time for "I Love the '40s?"

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Episode 1

What happened to that Lindbergh baby? Brought to you by hamburgers.

Screened: 2005-04-25 at UCBT

Votes: 99/136 - 72.79% share; placed 2nd of 10

Downloads: 22,272



W.C. "Red" HancockBrian Huskey
Reginald CrowleyRob Huebel


Brian HuskeyWriter
Sarah BurnsWriter
John MulaneyWriter
Rob HuebelWriter

Episode 2

Babe Ruth's famous called shot... brought to you by an unusual hobby.

Screened: 2005-05-30 at UCBT

Votes: 79/137 - 57.66% share; placed 5th of 10

Downloads: 18,998



Faye GreySarah Burns
W.C. "Red" HancockBrian Huskey
Reginald CrowleyRob Huebel

Episode 3

Lightning round!

Screened: 2005-06-27 at UCBT

Votes: 69/122 - 56.56% share; placed 6th of 10

Downloads: 21,263



Reginald CrowleyRob Huebel
W.C. "Red" HancockBrian Huskey