created by  Tip McMahon

Hobotown: it's not where you want to go unless you really want to give hobos cookies. Especially when all the hobos seem to be missing...

Screened: 2009-09-23 at New York TV Festival

Votes: 15/124 - 12.10% share; placed 10th of 10

Downloads: 5,801



Scary HoboTip McMahon
Police OfficerTip McMahon
Heather (lead)Rebecca Moreau
HoboFrankie Ellis
BrotherJordan Watkins


Tip McMahonDirector, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor, Set Decorator, Costume Designer, Make-Up, Sound, Sound Mixer, Practical Effects, Digital Effects, Lighting Director, Crew, Props
Rebecca MoreauCinematographer, Set Decorator, Costume Designer, Make-Up, Practical Effects, Stunt, Props
Jordan WatkinsCinematographer, Crew

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