Fisting My Dreams

created by  Greg Stees

Vamps alum Greg Stees scored Top Failed Pilot with a show about a guy who loses a limb, gains a fortune via lawsuit, regains the limb, and tries to make it as a star.

Screened: 2009-08-05 at 92YTribeca

Votes: 53/131 - 40.46% share; placed 7th of 10

Downloads: 12,500



Tab ChambersGreg Stees
MikeRob Bradford
ReneeStephanie Parrott
CherodeeDilia Jelen
Emmett DouglasJon Higgins
MikeyDan Schimpf
Roger GoldwinDennis Stemplinski
Jim DelgadosJames Deluca
Guy FolgersJon Lachance


Greg SteesDirector, Writer, Producer, Editor, Digital Effects, Props
James DelucaProducer, Crew
Juan CrouchCinematographer
Lisa SteenCrew
Matt AndersonCrew
Dan SchimpfCrew

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