The Oddest Couple

created by  Dave Maulbeck

A mismatched pair of roommates must cope with a dinner party involving their even more incredibly mismatched, not-to-be-invited-to-the-same-dinner-party-type parents.

Screened: 2009-03-04 at 92YTribeca

Votes: 56/132 - 42.42% share; placed 6th of 9

Downloads: 6,575



MalfeasanceLauren Olson
JesusAlex Marino
SatanLouis Kornfeld
GodScott McGowan


Eddie LebronDirector, Editor
Dave MaulbeckWriter, Producer
Jeff ErtzProducer, Sound, Sound Mixer
Jason ArrigoProducer
Annaliese PaullCinematographer
Andrea SarubbiCostume Designer

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