created by  Brenan Campbell

The "Realmz of Combat" creators up their game and return with this pilot, a cop show where nothing is as it seems...the audience remains slow to catch on, but the screening awaits their next offering.

Screened: 2008-09-16 at New York TV Festival

Votes: 31/154 - 20.13% share; placed 10th of 10

Downloads: 5,756



Luke MindcopBrenan Campbell
CarmichaelCarl Hershberger
Tormented ManCam Richmond
Magic Ice Cream CowboyKevin Joiner
HusbandMikel J. Wisler
WifeJessica Johnson
MaidMike Stebbins
CustomerDoni Funkhouser


Brenan CampbellDirector, Writer, Producer, Editor, Sound Mixer
Mikel J. WislerCinematographer
Mike StebbinsSound

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