created by  Margo Passalaqua, Stephen Soroka, Stephen Soroka, Margo Passalaqua

Trillions, the soap opera about ultra rich globe trekkers, fell one vote short of Prime Time with its second offering.

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Episode 1

Several trillionaires endure a catastrophic (???) airplane ride.

Screened: 2008-05-05 at Pianos

Votes: 68/133 - 51.13% share; placed 4th of 10

Downloads: 6,388



H.T. NoqueStephen Soroka
Shane NoqueDavid Crabb
Cloudyiah NoqueMargo Passalaqua
PilotJack Perry
Thomas, the butler's sonMatt Neely
MaidSue Ann Molinell
PoolboyTristan Hustler


Margo PassalaquaDirector, Writer, Producer, Music Composition, Music Vocals, Cinematographer, Editor, Costume Designer, Make-Up, Digital Effects, Crew, Props
Matt NeelyDirector, Producer, Cinematographer, Crew
Jeff HustonDirector, Producer, Sound, Sound Mixer
Stephen SorokaWriter
David CrabbMusic Composition, Music Vocals
Jack PerryCrew

Episode 2

Following a plane crash, two trillionaires suffer their non-rich pilot in a remote jungle. Meanwhile, a third trillionaire finds himself in a rural cabin, coming face-to-face with an old adversary.

Screened: 2008-07-07 at Pianos

Votes: 74/129 - 57.36% share; placed 6th of 8

Downloads: 6,244