Beyond Fact

created by  Craig Rowin, Rory Panagotopulos, Damian Chadwick

First time submitters Damian Chadwick, Rory Panagotopulos, Craig Rowin and co. crashed prime time with this mock doc about conspiracy theories and the theorists that love them, but the audience didn't show quite enough love for episode 2. Corporate sponsorship backlash, or coordinated electioneering campaign? We smell a conspiracy!

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Episode 1

A subway historian, a former token machine worker, an "anthro-technological social scientist" and other denizens of the subway-obsessed set discuss the dark secrets the MTA isn't telling us.

Screened: 2008-03-04 at Pianos

Votes: 67/100 - 67.00% share; placed 5th of 10

Downloads: 10,337



Vernon MilesNathan Shelkey
Don RossWill Hines
Clay WellingtonCraig Rowin
Wembley BarrowsRory Panagotopulos
Earl "Happy" NewlanderDamian Chadwick
NarratorMichael Paoli
Old Timey Subway PatronMatt Fisher
Graham TavisMike Cavanaugh


Craig RowinDirector, Writer, Editor
Damian ChadwickWriter
Rory PanagotopulosWriter, Music Composition, Illustrator, Digital Effects

Episode 2

Are there werewolves living among us? More importantly, can they play Guitar Hero?

Screened: 2008-04-08 at Pianos

Votes: 45/130 - 34.62% share; placed 7th of 10

Downloads: 7,008



Trace HarlandNate Lang
Brian KerneyDave Bluvband
Annabelle LomanFran Gillespie
Tom GlindaleMike Still
Evan ReissChris Schell
NarratorMichael Paoli


Nick PaleyDirector
Craig RowinWriter, Editor
Damian ChadwickWriter, Props
Rory PanagotopulosWriter, Illustrator


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