Connery & Danza

created by  Will Hines

Longtime Channel102 producer Will Hines returns with his first new pilot in ages - hopefully a sign of more to come. In it, (the actors) Sean Connery and Tony Danza search for their colleague Dennis Quaid, who's holed up somewhere near a vending machine. Aside from acting, one of the titular characters boasts a special hidden power (though not the power to make Prime Time).

Screened: 2008-02-05 at Pianos

Votes: 30/113 - 26.55% share; placed 8th of 10

Downloads: 14,985



Sean ConneryRob Lathan
Tony DanzaBrian Barrett
TurkCraig Rowin
SashaDyna Moe


Will HinesDirector, Writer, Music Composition, Music Vocals, Cinematographer