Roboto Supremo

created by  Victor Varnado

Sci-fi is a tough genre to pull off. At one time a serious contender with "Gemberling" for the position of 102's resident sci-fi hero, "Roboto Supremo" imploded under the pressures of its own production by episode 3.

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Roboto Supremo 1

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Episode 1

Robert Lee becomes Roboto Supremo's new pilot.

Screened: 2005-03-03 at Variety Underground

Votes: 47/90 - 52.22% share; placed 5th of 10

Downloads: 21,372

Roboto Supremo 2

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Episode 2

Roboto Supremo uses the power of math to save Final Tokyo.

Screened: 2005-03-28 at UCBT

Votes: 67/112 - 59.82% share; placed 5th of 10

Downloads: 19,760

Roboto Supremo 3

No video available

Episode 3

Roboto dies.

Screened: 2005-04-25 at UCBT

Votes: 44/136 - 32.35% share; placed 7th of 10

Downloads: 17,764