created by  Eric Acosta, Wade Randolph

It's the year 2010, and Harry Houdini has been unfrozen so he can take on a thriving underworld of low-stakes con persons in this month's Top Failed Pilot. For whatever reason, shows featuring supporting characters named Jimmy fared poorly in September, which could be one reason why Newdini failed to crack prime time.

Screened: 2007-08-29 at Tribeca Cinemas

Votes: 44/93 - 47.31% share; placed 6th of 10

Downloads: 8,647



Harry HoudiniEric Acosta
JimmyWade Randolph
Madame RubyMike Rose
ConTony Janning
SuckerDominic Acosta
ChiefTony Zaret


Eric AcostaDirector, Writer, Producer
Sevan NajarianDirector, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound, Sound Mixer, Digital Effects
Wade RandolphWriter

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