Commercial Time

created by  Kristof Ruzics, Richard Moreno

Newcomers Kristof Ruzics and Richard Moreno hit Prime Time with this send-up of ultra low budget ads, but once to the well was enough for the 102 audience in November.

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Episode 1

Proof that viewers actually do like commercial breaks.

Screened: 2007-08-29 at Tribeca Cinemas

Votes: 46/93 - 49.46% share; placed 5th of 10

Downloads: 8,603



Guy 1Kristof Ruzics
Hot GirlGina Westmoreland
Real MexicanRichard Moreno
FattyRichard Moreno
Escaped Mental PatientRichard Moreno
Inventor in JailRichard Moreno
Little KidRichard Moreno


Kristof RuzicsDirector, Writer, Producer, Editor, Props
Richard MorenoWriter, Producer, Crew
Aaron FulmerCinematographer, Animator, Illustrator
Sergio Martin Del CampoProps

Episode 2

A second dose of cheesy ads proves to be an overdose, and the Ruzics-Moreno team may rue their decision to submit these episodes in reverse order.

Screened: 2007-10-01 at Tribeca Cinemas

Votes: 14/74 - 18.92% share; placed 9th of 10

Downloads: 15,386