Video Shmideo

created by  Yang Miller, Ali Reza

The story of Alan Zick, the proprietor of a "60/40 video store," his employees and porn-hound customers. Video Shmideo limped into 2008 and collapsed, completing an impressive seven episode run (and freeing creators Yang Miller and Ali Reza for their next project).

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Episode 1

A tour behind the greasy veneer of a NYC porn shop.

Screened: 2007-03-26 at Tribeca Cinemas

Votes: 90/107 - 84.11% share; placed 1st of 10

Downloads: 23,719



Alan ZickAli Reza
CliffordClifford ?


Yang MillerMusic Composition, Cinematographer, Editor, Animator

Episode 2

Alan Zick dishes more porn-shop dirt.

Screened: 2007-04-30 at Anthology Film Archives

Votes: 117/141 - 82.98% share; placed 3rd of 9

Downloads: 19,383



Alan ZickAli Reza
Ernest YenChris Grace
Clifford #2Nikhil Rao


Yang MillerMusic Composition, Cinematographer, Editor, Animator

Episode 3

Who wants to wash their fingers?

Screened: 2007-06-04 at Tribeca Cinemas

Votes: 78/101 - 77.23% share; placed 4th of 8

Downloads: 17,591

Episode 4

Facing a hard deadline to pay back a debt, Alan makes a sound investment, and Clifford 2 re-organizes the gay section as Video Shmideo settles in comfortably at number 4.

Screened: 2007-08-29 at Tribeca Cinemas

Votes: 54/93 - 58.06% share; placed 4th of 10

Downloads: 9,116

Episode 5

Alan Zick and company rise two slots to number 2 with this charming tale about a Chinese wonder-product that can literally do anything.

Screened: 2007-10-01 at Tribeca Cinemas

Votes: 65/74 - 87.84% share; placed 2nd of 10

Downloads: 17,158

Episode 6

While Alan experiments with word-of-mouth advertising, Kornstein makes a mess of the DVDs.

Screened: 2007-11-05 at Tribeca Cinemas

Votes: 47/94 - 50.00% share; placed 5th of 9

Downloads: 10,976

Episode 7

Alan Zick helps out an old blind woman with her ski pole.

Screened: 2008-02-05 at Pianos

Votes: 39/113 - 34.51% share; placed 7th of 10

Downloads: 15,723