C.E. Bro

created by  Tony Zaret

The audience-vote system on which 102 and 101 are founded was finally proven to be utterly flawed when "C.E. Bro" didn't make prime time. Oh well, this website was fun while it lasted.

Screened: 2007-02-26 at Tribeca Cinemas

Votes: 33/122 - 27.05% share; placed 9th of 10

Downloads: 15,729



JakeShek Baker
Roosevelt Franklin Franklin RooseveltDerrick McKelvin
Whit WhitemanRob Lathan
JenniferLeslie Strain
Henry ThompsonTony Zaret
Board MemberMatt Vermeulen
Board MemberDan Zaret


Tony ZaretDirector, Writer, Producer, Cinematographer
Qiana MickieProducer, Crew
Stephanie BorrisMusic Vocals
Kevin McElligottMusic Vocals, Sound Mixer
Bruce BernsteinCinematographer
John LaskasEditor
Dan ZaretChoreographer