All Prime Time

These five shows topped all others at our last screening. If they continue to wow the audience, they'll stay here; if not, they'll be canceled. But for now, they reign supreme.

How It Works

  • Anyone, anywhere submits a pilot that is five minutes or less, on a miniDV tape or DVD.
  • The creators of the prime time shows watch all submissions.
  • They pick the best ones to be screened.
  • At the screening, a live audience watches the new pilots and new episodes of the prime time shows.
  • The audience votes. Top 5 shows become the new prime time lineup.
  • Repeat.


created by Dan Markowitz
This gritty, animated, film noir detective story swooped in and stole the top spot with its first episode.

First screened: 2014-02-10 at UCBeast

Most recent episode: 3

Votes: 63/70 - 90.00%


How To

Not to be confused with the video where an attractive man tries to show an attractive woman how to submit a show to Channel 101, this is an instructional series about how to do other things.

First screened: 2014-03-11 at UCBeast

Most recent episode: 2

Votes: 49/70 - 70.00%


The Bananaman Show

created by Keith Haskel
Spinning off of the popular Chris Gethard Show, Bananaman hits the streets. The audience is sure to follow.

First screened: 2014-04-08 at UCBeast

Most recent episode: 1

Votes: 47/70 - 67.14%



created by Kristopher Knight
Kristopher Knight's first serial entry into 101 is this taut thriller. Wiggles rocked the sold-out August screening to a first-place debut, and looked great doing it.

First screened: 2013-08-19 at UCBeast

Most recent episode: 6

Votes: 42/70 - 60.00%



Vampire! took the April screening by storm, snatching the 5th place spot. Where will this unusual show go with its second episode? the audience wants to know!

First screened: 2014-04-08 at UCBeast

Most recent episode: 1

Votes: 39/70 - 55.71%