All Prime Time

These five shows topped all others at our last screening. If they continue to wow the audience, they'll stay here; if not, they'll be canceled. But for now, they reign supreme.

How It Works

  • Anyone, anywhere submits a pilot that is five minutes or less, on a miniDV tape or DVD.
  • The creators of the prime time shows watch all submissions.
  • They pick the best ones to be screened.
  • At the screening, a live audience watches the new pilots and new episodes of the prime time shows.
  • The audience votes. Top 5 shows become the new prime time lineup.
  • Repeat.


created by Mickey Dwyer
A whole show that takes place during the commercials break? The audience says, 'We'll be right back for another episode of that, please.'

First screened: 2014-09-09 at UCBeast

Most recent episode: 2

Votes: 39/54 - 72.22%


Hart Street Lemonade Stand

From giant scissors to flashbacks to lemonade, there are many adventures to be had at the Hart Street Lemonade Stand.

First screened: 2014-10-14 at UCBeast

Most recent episode: 1

Votes: 30/54 - 55.56%


Prankin My Roommate

created by Rekha Shankar
Rekha pranks her roommate who is a chump that never sees it coming.

First screened: 2014-10-14 at UCBeast

Most recent episode: 1

Votes: 30/54 - 55.56%


Tragic Relief

created by Ryan Mazer
An anthology show about the tragedy that drives our lives.

First screened: 2014-06-10 at UCBeast

Most recent episode: 4

Votes: 30/54 - 55.56%



created by Dan Markowitz
This gritty, animated, film noir detective story swooped in and stole the top spot with its first episode.

First screened: 2014-02-10 at UCBeast

Most recent episode: 8

Votes: 28/54 - 51.85%


Ramsey Has a Time Machine

created by Ramsey Ess
Ramsey Ess delighted the audience with high production values, funny acting, and a clever premise. It's almost as if he knew how the audience would react and traveled back in time to make the perfect show for them. But that would be crazy.

First screened: 2014-05-13 at UCBeast

Most recent episode: 5

Votes: 28/54 - 51.85%